Our Farmhouse Build, Part 1: We have broken ground!


Hello friends! I wanted to document this huge event that’s currently taking place in our family. After 14 years of living in our little home in Covington, GA, and after much praying, we’ve decided to take a big leap and build our dream farmhouse!


Yes, you read that right! We have finally broken ground on our dream farmhouse…our forever home! It’s been a long-time dream of ours to move out onto some land, where we could have a little space in the open air…a place where the boys could hunt from the back porch and where us girls could craft away in our own craft room! If you’re already following along with me on Instagram and/or Facebook, then you would’ve already seen some pics where we made our big announcement a couple of months ago.

Our property was freshly mowed that day. 😉 It took my hubby at least 3-4 hours to cut that grass. If anybody has any suggestions as to how we can finish up the job more quickly, please share! 😉

It’s not that we weren’t happy in our “old” home….Our little bubble of neighbors — They were great! Some of our kiddos’ best friends were right across the street, too, and we made lots of great memories with our neighbors for the 14 years that we lived there! And our view in the backyard was a dream. We lived on the 15th green at our local golf course. So, almost every afternoon after school, our son and my hubby would walk onto the course from the backyard to play 9 holes of golf. And since we lived so close to the square, we had a golf cart that would take us into downtown any time we wanted. It was the best! Yeah….We definitely made some great memories in that little house of ours. If you’d like to take the house tour of our “old” home, click this link here.

And now, it’s time to make new memories at our new home! We’re moving about 20 minutes away into a small, Georgia town called “Social Circle.” There’s a quaint coffee shop at the downtown square, plus a trendy farmhouse shop and boutique. And I can’t forget to mention that there’s just ONE traffic light. Yes, just one. 😉 But the town is filled with gorgeous, colonial homes and friendly faces. We’re excited to see what God has in store for us!

Something I want to point out before moving to my next exciting announcement is that when we were ready to sell, we sold our home before we even put it on the market! AND the buyers made an all-cash offer that was too good to refuse!! It’s been so cool to see God’s hand in all of this!

For those of you who didn’t know about this new journey we’ve begun….The eye-candy-filled magazine Cottages and Bungalows is following us from start to finish and will be publishing about our journey in every issue for 2018! We’ve actually already been featured in their current issue! Woot woot!

So here we are. At the moment, our steel farmhouse has been delivered in pieces.

Here’s my hubby helping unload the truck!

Even the neighbor’s horses decided to stop by and see what all the excitement was about!

And so, once the truck was unloaded, all the pieces of our steel-framed farmhouse were laid on the ground, to the side of our property line, while we prepped the spot where our home would be.

We’ve already broken ground and have had the forms laid in preparation for the concrete foundation to be poured!

For starters, here’s the house that we’re modeling our home after, except we’ll paint our exterior white, have a black metal roof without the sunlights and install rustic, raw wood beams at the front porch. And we’ve enclosed that dog-trot opening that you can see on the left in the pic below, as well as added some square footage. I shared about it on Instagram.

Image may contain: house and outdoor

We have lots of plans for our farmhouse, and we definitely have some lofty goals, I know. But my feeling is, if you don’t aim high, you’ll have to just settle. And I don’t want to settle. 😉 Like Bo Jackson (the former American baseball AND football player who was named an All-Star in BOTH sports!) said, “Set your goals high, and don’t stop til you get there.” Isn’t that good?! 😉

So I think that’s about it for now. At the moment, we’re waiting for the concrete foundation to be poured, but that’s at a stand-still because of the very frigid weather we’ve been having lately. Boo! Why does this cold weather have to visit us NOW??!! 🙂 I’ll keep you posted though, and hopefully, Lord willing, I’ll be able to tell you soon that the concrete guys are ready to get started!

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